Going on a diet, can’t it be easy to start?

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What do you guys think about diet?

For me, the diet has always been a difficult and difficult homework. Originally, I thought,’Diet is difficult, it’s hard!’, so I don’t like to do it all the time, and I think I kept putting it off. Then, only after reaching the maximum weight… I can’t wait any longer, so I start on a diet. At that moment, I have a big desire to lose weight quickly. So I choose the method of the radical classmate.

However, the methods of’Rapid Pain’ that I chose because I wanted to diet easily taught me how difficult and painful the diet was. And as a result, I think I only experienced how easy it is to come to the yo-yo and how much it collapses. With this negative diet experience, I couldn’t imagine enjoying the diet journey.

The moment I started dieting a little easier was the moment I decided not to go on a diet anymore. Oh, is it ironic? Even if I reached my weight loss goal, I found out that I couldn’t eat to my heart’s content and that I couldn’t even take a break from exercise.

I wanted to escape from the repeated fear of yo-yo. I wanted to get out of the life of living with a weight scale. I also wanted to say goodbye to my life on a diet.

‘What should I do?’

First of all, it was necessary to soothe the mental stress and exhaustion from the diet. So, instead of thinking about diet, I focused on my body and mind. My body didn’t get tired, and my mind decided to find a way that wouldn’t be hard.

“Yes, after all, it’s a habit. Let’s change the habit.” I thought so. By the way, how do you change your habits?

It’s not easy to repeat something every day.

In coaching, many people know the importance of habits, but they say it’s difficult. It was difficult for me to start too. I thought it was a habit to keep it every day. But if you think so, it becomes too easy to fall apart in one failure. It’s like scheduling a failure.

So I thought I had to change my approach to diet and habits. “I have to try one more time. If you practiced a better habit once, you did well!” Focused on small success. And on the days I didn’t practice it, I gave up the habit of being disappointed or blamed on me and started to focus on the value of execution. ‘How many times did you do this week? Shall we try one more time than last week?’ And I started to organize the data of the running days of a month.

Even if you plan to exercise for about 30 days a month and 3 times a week, statistics show that you can only take 12 breaks a month, and then you can take 18 breaks. So just because the days you didn’t do repeat for a few days, there’s no reason to give up. ‘

At first, if you set a goal such as I wish I could do it 10 times a month’, the burden on the practice is further reduced. Even once every three days, you’ll be able to succeed in the end! So I thought,’ You can repeat it for three days!’

Among diet coaching users,’ I can’t even do three days! So there are many people who think,’ I am weak in my will.’ I don’t think you have a weakness, but because your approach to habits is approaching perfection, you have no choice but to fail.

From today, think backward. ‘In a way to increase the one-time action rather than sticking to the 100% perfect plan! Yo. I think this is the easiest way to approach the diet.

The more days you practice healthy habits, the more you lose weight on your own. So, don’t dream of a perfect diet, start with small steps that will help you with your diet. Whether it’s diet, exercise, or whatever. After all, they are all necessary habits for a healthy diet 🙂

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